Due to COVID-19, our massage services are currently on hold to new clients.  We apologize for this inconvenience.


Our comfortable and relaxing atmosphere provides clients with an air of calm and peacefulness during body treatments and massages. Using only Aveda’s nurturing product blends with authentic natural aromas that energize, refresh, clients can experience a level of relaxation and renewal that is hard to find in our busy world.


Aveda Aroma Massage

Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customized massage treatment.  After a thorough consultation, your massage therapist will proved you with the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas and massage techniques, which can include Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, foot reflexology, acupressure, chakra techniques, subtle energy work, or pregnancy massage — the possibilities are limitless.

Massage treatments are recommended on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to achieve and maintain optimal results.  Your massage therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs and expectations.

120-Minute Treatment   135

Customized full-body massage and additional intensive work on 2-3 areas of focus

90-Minute Treatment   105

Customized full-body massage and additional intensive work on 1-2 areas of focus

60-Minute Treatment   75      

Customized full-body massage or customized massage with intensive work on 1-2 areas of focus

30-Minute Treatment   45

Customized massage with intensive work on one area of focus


Body Treatments

Smoother, softer skin texture, body detoxification and hydrated skin can all be achieved with a customized body treatment where you determine the focus.  After a thorough consultation, your spa therapist will provide you with the best combination of products and personalized Aveda aromas while performing the techniques needed to achieve your chosen focus.

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap

Renew body and bind with this stimulating and cooling dry body wrap. Your body is exfoliated, smoothed, softened and wrapped. The essences of rosemary and peppermint will awaken your senses while a scalp and foot massage balance the whole body. Great for when you feel tired, heavy or sluggish.

Beautifying Body Wrap

A seaweed body wrap treatment featuring the uplifting aroma of Aveda’s Beautifying body care products. The treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed masque (applied to the back), scalp and face massage, and foot reflexology treatment.

Back Treatment

Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back, this treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and masque therapy. Perfect if you are having skin challengers, seasonal skin changes, or for a special occasion.

60-Minute Treatment   75