Allia has been an Esthetician with Inspire since 2020

“Being involved in esthetics has been a lifelong passion of mine. Combating issues with acne and the self confidence limitations skin care struggles can bring, I developed the desire to correct my own skin as well as help others with their skin care issues at an early age.

Upon completing my Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Denver, I found myself drawn back to the spa and beauty industry. After 10 years of experience in spa front desk, and management roles, I pursued my interest in becoming an esthetician and followed the desire of being in the treatment room.

I value engaging with guests now on another level, with emphasis on helping every client reach their individual skin care goals while aligning with Aveda’s scalp-to-soul treatment plan. Now having experience in the treatment room for over 3 years, I am happy to incorporate the organic, holistic, and results-based approach to skin care that Aveda follows. My goal remains to provide each guest with the best possible experience and I appreciate the time I will be at Inspire Salon and Spa.”